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Bio - Materials and Technology

BMT Journal
Human-animal hybrids for organ harvesting
BMT Journal
Bone implant material from eggshell
BMT Journal
Immunization of mosquitoes for controlling malaria
BMT Journal
Madhuca longifolia
BMT Journal
Antibacterial property of Silver Nanoparticles

Bio - Materials and Technology is an international, peer-reviewed, open access research journal reporting high impacting, new, and novel research results and fact- findings related to all aspects of biomaterials and biotechnology. Some of the specific topics include (but not limited to):

Biomaterials: Functional Biomaterials and bio-degradable materials; Nano-bio-materials; Bio-compatible and injectable materials; Bio inspired materials and structures, nature inspired materials and structures, systems, and tools - Biomimics; Wood; Molecular medicine; Bio-therapeutics; Ayurvedic and other traditional medicines; Vaccines, enzymes, proteins, DNA, RNA, Bio-pesticides, Bio-fertilizers, Bio-insecticide; Bio-films, natural polymers, natural organic and inorganic materials, Bio- composites (composite materials made with biomaterials)

Biotechnology: Animal, Plant, Agricultural, Food, Microbial, Pharmaceutical, Marine, and Environmental Biotechnology; Bioinformatics and Genetics; Biophysics and Bio-chemistry; Biosensors, Bioelectronics; Tissue engineering; Nanobiotechnology, nano-medicine, regenerative medicine; Biofuels, biogas, Bioenergy, Bio-fuel cells; Immunology, Cell biology, Virology; Fermentation and technology; Medical Science, Engineering, and Technology; Medical devices, Targeted drug delivery; Bio-imaging; diseases and treatments; Industrial new processes and products; instrumentation, Biosafety, Bioethics, IPR & Entrepreneurship.

Research Videos - We accept (and would like to encourage) videos from the contributory authors of the journal 'Bio - Materials and Technology'. The video should mainly represent the research work carried out by the authors and reported in the research paper accepted / published in this journal. Such videos will be hosted and linked appropriately on the journal web site. Videos might be edited by editorial office (if required). Copyright transfer of videos to the publishing company 'Applied Science Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India' apply. No extra charge / fee of any kind apply to these videos.

All research papers submitted to 'Bio - Materials and Technology' journal will be evaluated for Plagiarism through Turnitin software - before being sent out for review.

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